Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Improvement

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Home Improvement Complete

Re-doing our bathroom became a lot bigger project than I thought. When we bought the house this bathroom didn’t have a shower, so it wasn’t a “full bath.” So, we decided to put in a shower. Well with that we decided to tile the shower. But if you do that then you might as well tile the floor too. And if you do that we thought we better get a new cabinet to match the new “look.” Then you need a new mirror too. Well, long story short here is our new bathroom. Thanks to all the help from Jason’s brother Ryan. He helped with the tile. Also thanks to Karen. She is great at helping with “Home projects.” She has all the tools. Jason did a lot of work too. And Brandon, Haley (who likes to work with her shirt off) and I (believe it or not) helped with a few things too. All I can say is I am glad it is done!! J Thanks for all the help. It looks so much better. (I forgot to take a before picture…oops.)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to school check list.

2 weeks left of summer. We are trying to enjoy every last minute of it. Haley is so ready to start kindergarten!
Hello Kitty backpack. Check.

Kindergarten physical. Check.

And of course who could forget the kindergarten shot....I mean shots.:) Check.
I told her she was probably going to get one or two. She wasn't happy when the nurse walked in with FOUR needles. She screamed during the shots, but I was proud of her and told her we could go anywhere for lunch. She took advantage of the situation and chose McDonald's. Don't get me wrong I can handle McDonald's but the playground grosses me out! I guess I have a bit of OCD. But I am slowly getting over it with each kid.
I feel so old. I can't believe I have a kid old enough to go to kindergarten. It is going to be weird having her gone everyday. I am going to miss her!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love my girls!!

Brynlee is just about 10 months old. I can hardly
believe it. She is supper close to walking. 4 of her
top teeth are about to come thru. She says "ma ma,"
"da da," and "bu-bye". She also waves, claps and
clicks her tongue. She is so much fun.

I am supper lucky to have Haley around. She is
the biggest help. She is a little mom herself. Last
night Haley cleared the table after dinner, rinsed,
and loaded the dishwasher by herself. Oh happy
day for me. :)

Here is Brynlee waving.

We are so lucky to have these cute girls
in our family!!
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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

24th of JULY

The last 3 years we have gone to the Spanish Fork
Rodeo with Jason's family. It has become a really
fun tradition! My allergies were pretty annoying but
it is worth it. (I didn't notice the pen in Brynlee's
nose until I posted this :))

Brynlee loving the sucker Haley is sharing with
her. What a nice sister!
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