Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It is time....

...to "break" Bynlee's binki. This could be
an interesting few days. I hope she sleeps ok!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too much candy!

I know this post is way late but better late than
These girls did very well this Easter. I think
they had 5 easter egg hunts which means lots
of candy. We had our Easter a week early since
we were leaving for California. We also had the
ward Easter party, the Cloward Easter party,
the Salmon Easter party and the day we left
California was Easter, so Haley and Brynlee were
lucky enough to have another Easter Egg hunt
with Dahl and Ty. The problem with all of this is
the girls think it is fun to get all this candy but they
hardly eat any of it. So it just sits around the house
day after day and I slowly eat it! Next year I think
I will make a rule and if it is not gone in one week I
throw it away! Anyway...Happy Easter everyone (a
month late!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

California 2010


For spring break we decided to head to California. We had so much fun. We left on March 29, which is our wedding anniversary (Happy anniversary Jason, I love you!). We drove to Vegas after work that day, and stayed in a suite at the Monte Carlo. The girls were amazing in the car the whole trip! They are little troopers! Haley was so helpful with Bryn.

The next morning we woke up and went for a swim with the girls, however it was quite cold so we cut the swimming short, got in the car and headed for California. We were lucky enough to stay at Aaron and Stacey’s house. (Jason’s cousin). They have two cute kids, Dahl and Ty. Haley played with Dahl a lot before they moved to California so she was excited to see him again. The kids played so good. It was so good to see all of them again.

The first day we got there we went to see this area in their neighborhood that has a ton of wild peacocks. I have never seen a peacock with its feathers spread out, but now I have. I guess the male peacocks are the “pretty” ones and when the try and find a mate they spread their feathers and shake them. It is they craziest thing I have ever seen. This male peacock got denied by quite a few ladies!

For dinner we went to a place called “Rosco’s.” I never though I would catch my self dead eating here. It is know for its waffles and fried chicken. Most of you that know me know that I do not like to eat meat off of a bone. Jason always complains that I am a picky eater. So, I trying to be a good wife, gave this place a chance. I asked if they could give me a piece of chicken with no bone and they said they could fry me a chicken breast. I have to say this place was good! I never thought of eating waffles with chicken together, but if you think about it you eat meat with breakfast food all the time. So I gave it a whirl and I liked it. It was really good.