Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Time

We had a fun weekend. On Friday night Haley got to paint/carve her first pumpkin. We had dinner first.....
...then Haley and Tara made some yummy sugar cookies, while some of us carved pumpkins. Gary was busy typing a paper so he only came for dinner and then had to go back to school.
Here is the finished product. Jason and I carved the top left pumpkin. Haleys is the one right under it.
Group picture....
Haley thought her pumpkin was so awesome because as you can is throwing up! Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ward Halloween Party

Here is our little princess!
We had a great time at our ward party. There was a Chile and apple pie cook off as well as a carnival. Haley got a lot of candy. She even won the "cutest princess" award. She was so excited for the party she wore her dress for most of the day.
Chandra, Haley and Karen in the parade.
Lincoln, Ross, Haley and Jason on a Hay ride.
This is Haley and her friend Hanaha

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Space mountain

There are a few funny things about this space mountain picture. #1 Jasons face #2 You can hardly see Carson and Nathans heads. After the ride both of the kids eyes were huge. They were holding on to the bar in front of them for dear life. Carson said, "I didn't like that ride" and Nathan just started crying when it was all over. The kids were tramatized!

Disneyland cont....

Haley on the "C" in front of California adventure.
the 3-D show "Bugs Life"
Haley on Grandpas shoulders at the parade.
Now I know this pictrue is a little fuzzy, but this is Haley getting sooo exicted because she sees the pricnesses coming in the parade. She kept saying, "Oh my goodness...I can't believe this!" This was probably the hightlight of the whole trip. It is so fun to see her so excited.
The whole crew in front of the castle.
In front of the castle.
Here are the kids with a princess. They got to hear a story told by sleeping beauty as they made their crowns.
Grandpa Sherman
Back at the hotel watching a movie in bed.
On our way to the airport to go home.
Haley asked me the next day, "Mom how many more sleeps until we go to Disneyland again?"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Disneyland 2007

We went to Disneyland this week with my brother Kevins family and my parents. We had such a great time. The kids are the perfect age. This is a picture at the airport. Carson, my mom and Haley waiting to get on the airplane.
Here is Jason on the plane. It was the smallest plane I have ever been on. Only 15 rows. Haley loved the plane ride.
You would never believe who would have bought the kids theis lollypops....Grandpa Sherm. Who would have thought he's a dentist. He would have never let me get one of these scukers growing up but I guess that is the beauty of being a Grandpa and spoiling his grandkids. The kids loved them!
Jason and Haley in front of the "California" sign....can you see it there in the back.?
We went to 2 3-D shows. The first one was a "muppet" show, which Haley loved. The second one was the "Bugs Life" ... Haley freaked out at this one. It was pretty scary for small kids. Any of you that have seen it know what I am talking about.

...the happiest place on earth!

This is a typical picture of all of us waiting in line for the kids favorite ride "Monsters Inc." I think we rode it about 5 or 6 times. Thanks to my mom, since her knees are bad, brought a wheelchair and got to the front of the line on most rides.

So Haley hates all characters at Dinsneyland. She freaks out if they come anywhere near her. The princesses, on the other hand, she loves!! This is Pocahontas telling Haley that her "eyes are the color of the sky and the water, and how pretty her hair is, that the racoon would love to braid it!" They really get into character!!
Grandpa Sherman and Haley trying on Minnie Mouse ears in the Disney store.
We rode the carosel a lot of times.
I will post more pictures another day.