Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bryn is 3!!!

A couple weeks ago Brynlee turned 3 years
old. All she wanted was a snow white dress.
This was perfect because guess what she is going
to be for Halloween!? :) Haley got her the Rapunzel
doll she is holding and sleeps with it every night.

Our two girls!

The dress she is wearing is from Jason's parents.

She LOVES dresses but they have to twirl or they

aren't wearable. The fact that this dress is pink is

perfect. She wears it all the time.

Notice Bryn's P.J.'s are way too big?

That is because they are Haley's. Lately

she loves to wear Haley's P.J.'s or dress up

in her dresses. Good thing Haley is such a nice

sister and lets her.

We started Brynlees birthday off by eating her

favorite cereal...Coco Pebbles. For lunch we had her

favorite, Roman Noodles and then for dinner Haley and

I decided to take her to Cafe of our favorites. :)

It was a girls night because Jason was home sick with the


We love you Brynlee. Happy Birthday!!!