Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Haley was sooo much fun this year for Christmas. She didn't care to sit on Santas lap at all. She is scared of Santa, like most kids her age. On Christmas Eve she slept with Jason and I and every sound she heard while laying in bed she would say, "Mom, what was that...was that Santa?"
All Haley wanted for Christmas was this princess umbrella!!! She loves it and wants to take it everywhere.
2nd on Haleys list were Glass Slippers. She had to take her P.J's off to were these the rest of the time she opened presents.
Haley is going to make a great Big Sister somday. She loves babies!!! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Cont.

3rd on Haleys list was "a really pretty dress". She got 3 princess dresses from her Salmon Grandparents. She loves dressing up and dancing around. The dresses came with jewlery, a wand and a crown. She was in heaven!!

Jason and I finally got a King size bed for Christmas...I can't believe we waited this long!! It is sooo nice. Haley had a great time climbing up the plastic cover and sliding down it while Jason and I were setting it up.
This is us waiting to open our gifts at my parents house at their Christmas party. We had a wonderful Christmas! We are very blessed! Posted by Picasa