Friday, September 15, 2006

Play Ball!!

Here are some pictures of our family co-ed softball team. One of the girls is Brandons sister-in-law and the other lady use to live in our ward.
Now I wasn't planning on playing until the last min. when the team was a girl short. I haven't ever played softball in my life. I was suprised that I can actually hit the out field is another story.

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Posted by Picasa Nice slide Ross!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Park City

Here is Haley with her two of her cousins Nathan and Carson.
I love the fall time! The leaves are just starting to change. This is us on the lift on our way up to the top of the mountain to go down the Alpine slide.
Here is some of us at the top getting ready to go down.
This is me and Haley coming down. I was suprised she went. She loved it!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 01, 2006

Fondue Anyone?

Here is a picture on Jason and I up in Salt Lake at a fondue restaurant last weekend called "The Melting Pot". We had a lot of fun! They serve a four course meal starting with a cheese fondue. The table has a hot plate in the middle of it. And the server mixes the cheese/oil/chocolate right at the table. Here is Jason with the cheese fondue. It is served with different breads, veggies and apples. Next they brought out salad....
Here is me with the chocolate and peanut butter fondue which was as you can imagine! We didn't get a picture of the meats that were served. We had chicken, filet, sirlion, shrimp and ravioli.
As you can see Jason quite enjoyed himself...saving some chocolate for a little later! Posted by Picasa