Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

So Haley helped make her Dad a Valentine. She even put on her own lip stick so she kiss the paper. We didn't do to much on Vanlentines night. I was suppose to have Young Womens, but after work I cancelled it and Jason, Haley and I decided to go to the BYU basketball game with my parents instead. We decided to keep Valentine low key this year because we just booked a trip to CANCUN, MEXICO!! I am so excited! Jason and I are going to Cancun to celebrate our 5 year aniversary!!!
So, I took Haley to McDonalds the other day because she finally went #2 for me in the potty. #1 isn't a problem, but #2 is another story. For some reason she seems scared to go. Her reward was getting an Ice cream at McDonalds and getting to play on the play ground, even though I think those toys have a ton of yucky germs on them, I am willing to try anyting. I love this picture. For one I love her curls. Yes, they are natural and no, she did not get them from me. Second this picture makes me laugh. I don't know if you can see her first real "owie" but let me just say it was tramatizing for her!!! I was tickling her and my fingernail scratched her. She didn't realise this until about 20 min later. She started crying so hard. She wouldn't stop. I have never seen her cry this hard. She walked around the rest of the day with her arm held out like it was broken. Getting her clothes on was tricky because she didn't want anything to come anywhere close to her owie. That was her first time seeing her own drop, yes one drop of blood.
Here is Haley with Grandma Sheryle at the BYU basketball game on Valentines Day. She loves going to the games. Posted by Picasa