Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008 trip to CANCUN

We just got back from Cancun on Saturday. We went with Jason's cousin Aaron and his wife Stacey. We were there 7 days. We had a great time together. Here are a bunch of pictures of our trip. Also under our links click on "Aaron and Stacey" to see more pictures of our trip. I didn't post some pictures because they have them on their blog. ***This picture is us at Tulum.

On a boat ready to go out to go snorkling. It was a lot of fun until Aaron got stung by a jelly fish.
Here is our taxi driver. Jason did a great job. The driving in Mexico was crazy. I guess Jason got good training dealing with crazy drivers when he was in Jamaica on his mission. Posted by Picasa
These two could play in the sand or in the ocean all day.
They even went and bought boogie boards to ride the waves.
This was my favorite area of the pool.
We spent a lot of time on this side of the pool.

So we did a lot of eating out. This is our first night out in Cancun.
Here is a picture when of Aaron and Staceys favorite meal in Tulum at a toco shop.
This was Jason and mines favorite meal at Chocolate City. This was just dessert. Jason and I even went the next day for lunch.
This is us in front of Chocolate City.Posted by Picasa

The next few pictures are of our hotel. We stayed right on the hotel strip at the Grand Melia. I know this picture is hard to see, but this is of Stacey and I. We would hang out by they pool while Jason and Aaron played in the ocean.

The pool was the length of our hotel...which is really long. The only problem was the whole pool is 5 feet deep. I am only 5'3''. So I would have to either be on my tippie toes the whole time I was in the pool or hang on to the side orI would have to swim to get around.
This is Jason and Aaron at the bar in the pool waiting for their drinks.
Posted by PicasaThis is a picture right out from our room looking down. This is what the whole inside of our hotel looked like...very green.
The day before we left for Cancun Haley got the flu. It sucks leaving your child when she is so sick. Haley is quite the trooper. She always seems to get sick right be fore we leave on trips. Thanks to all those who helped with her. When the trip was over Brandon and Stephanie brought Haley to the airport. She was so cute. She was so excited to see us. When I got close to her to give her a hug she broke down in tears. She cried for a good 2 min. or so. Her emotions got the best of her. I will never forget that moment. I missed her a ton! Trips are fun but it's nice to be home!
Aaron and Stacey Thanks for the fun time!!!