Monday, December 29, 2008

Brynlee's Blessing Day

Yesterday was a big day! Jason blessed Brynlee at church (and did a beautiful job by the way), Jordan gave his homcoming talk and Lincoln turned 16 and was ordained a priest. Brynlee did so good during the blessing. She didn't make a peep. We love you Brynlee!

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Friday, December 12, 2008


Last year Haley didn't dare sit on Santa's lap with out him taking his gloves off. As you can see Haley was very brave this year and sat on his lap with his gloves on. This is Brynlees first time on Santa's lap and she didn't even cry. :)
Last weekend we made gingerbread houses at Jason's parents house. For some reason Jason doesn't really dig doing gingerbread houses. So Haley and I did one together while Jason took care of Brynlee.

As you can see this was an all girl activity. Stephanie kicked Brandon out of our party because he kept eating all the candy.

Haley can't get enough of her little sister. She kisses her all the time!

Here are the end products. Haley's and mine on the far left. Stephanie's in the middle and Karen and Chandra's on the right. Until next year....

Friday, December 05, 2008

More Christmas Traditions

Last night we went with some of Jason's family to the live nativity and to see the candy window on Center Street in Provo.

After we went to Jason's parents house for hot chocolate and sweet rolls and a few games of Nerts. I love this time of year!!