Thursday, August 24, 2006

No nuts please!

Haley loves to take baths!
When it is sunny outside Haley will say, " I need my
sunglasses mom, it's too bright!"
Haley loves Jason. At night when she knows it is time for bed she will say, "I want to watch basketball." Jason watches ESPN at night and figures that she can hang out with dad and not have to go to bed!

Not a lot is new here at the Salmon home. Today I took Haley to the allergist to see what things she is allergic to. I don't know if any of you have been tested for allergies but they have to poke your back and put drops on the part they poke and then you have to wait 15 min. to see if you get any welts and then they mesure the welts. Haley did amazing! She is apperently allergic to almonds, Macadamias, cashews, pistachios and mangos. She has me to thank for her allergies...sorry Haley!
Tonight we have a softball game. Jason played in one last night and hurt his knee...he has old mans disease already!! So I don't know how well we will do. Ross won't be there either and he is our pitcher.
I got called to be first councilor in the Young Womens this last Sunday. It should be pretty fun. I am over the Mia Maid and have to teach twice a month and go to activities on Wednesday nights. We did scrapbooking last night. I found out that I don't have to go to camp next year for the whole week, which I am pretty excited about....I am not much of a camper. I only went once when I was in the young womens.!!
Haley is now sleeping in a "big girl bed" now. I was planning on keeping her in her crib until she figured out how to climb out, but she told me a few weeks ago she wants to sleep in a bed! Posted by Picasa

Tara and Garys Big Day!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Posted by Picasa So as you can see I am not great at the whole "blog" thing. I couldn't fiugure out how to post several pictures from "Blog it" from Picasa. All you bloggers out there have any tips for me feel free! There should be 10 pictures from the wedding posted. Here is a cute one of Haley and Tara. Congrates to the newly weds!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vegas Pictures

....For some reason I can't get my Las Vegas Pictures to post on our last blog. I guess it is because I am a tech retard. Anyway here are a bunch of pictures from our trip!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vegas Vacation

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Well, we just got back from spending time in Las Vegas with Jason’s family. This is a picture of Jason and I on the “New York New York” roller coaster. We had a great time. We all stayed at a nice resort just off of the strip. The temperature was around 115 degrees, so we were in the pool a lot!
Haley was amazing on the drive there and back. The compressor broke in the car we drove down in with Ross and Jordan. I don’t know if any of you know what that does to you car, but I will tell you…your Air Conditioning goes out!! Yes, we were without AC the last hour of the drive to Las Vegas. It was soooo HOT! Haley face was bright red, her hair was soaked and she just sat in her car seat with a big smile on her face the whole time.
Our favorite place to eat at is the “Cheesecake Factory” at Caesars Palace, so we ate there twice. There is a big aquarium with tons of fish that kept Haley entertained. We also spent a lot of time inside F.A.O. Schwarz toy store. There are tons of stuffed animals and toys to play with, Haley loved it.
We also went to Lake Mead. Ross brought the Jet Skis. We spent half a day at the Lake. The beach was pretty rocky, but the water was really warm. We found out at the Lake that Haley might be allergic to nuts! She had a bad reaction with just eating one pistachio nut. She came over to me crying and scratching her tongue and coughing and then luckily she threw-up twice right away and got it out of her system. It was really scary! So now I think I might need to take her to an allergist.
Jason and I drove home last night because we had to get back to work. The rest of the family came home Tuesday. Haley slept most of the way. Her sleep schedule got all mixed up, but she is a trooper. When we drove though Beaver on the way home it was raining and there was a double rainbow. The weather has been crazy. It doesn’t feel like July. I am suppose to be at work today but they sent us home because we had a microburst hit and the dental office has no electricity. Lucky for me…no work, I get to add to my blog and play with Haley instead!!