Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Farm

Yesterday my friend Kristin and I took her two boys and Haley to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. We had a lot of fun. We have never been because I am allergic to all these animals but I thought we should give it a try anyway. Haley was really concerned about me. She kept saying, "Mom don't get to close, you are allergic and I don't want you to start sneezing." So I kept my distance, but after about 40 min the sneezing started. Luckily we were ready to go anyway.
Here is Haley feeding the animal corn. She wasn't scared of the animals at all.
She even got to go on her first pony ride!!
Here is a picture of the Jake, Mason and Haley eating their free ice cream. Haley of course chose buble gum.

After the farm we decided to go eat at the deli. After we ordered and were waiting for our food the fire alarm went off. Come to find out the grill caught on fire. A lady came up to us and told us the kids meal orders would have to be changed because they couldn't use the grill to cook their meals. So they got chips and sandwiches instead of grill cheese and fries. They were sorry for the inconvenience and said we could order anything we wanted at the ice cream parlor and it was on them. So....
Kristin and I went all out of Sundays. We had a lot of fun. We missed you Jamie. Hope you are feeling better!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So last Friday night Aaron, Stacey, Brandon, Stephanie, Jason and I decided to take the kids to Trafalga to play mini golf and ride the slick track. I haven't been there forever. Haley and Dahl had a great time. It wasn't very busy so we pretty much had the mini golf to ourselves, so the kids could go play on there own while the adults had a game of there own. I didn't get any pictures of us playing golf but here are a few pic. of the slick track.

Aaron, Stacey, Dahl and Ty are moving next week. We are going to miss you guys like crazy!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Guess What.....


Friday, April 04, 2008

Marco Island, Florida

We just got back from an awesome trip to Maco Island! Salmon Insurance got invited to all expence payed trip by Met Life for having such a good year in business. This is a view from our room early the first day.

Brandon, Stephanie, Jason and Me in front of this sand castle. We were suppose to have a dinner on the beach that night but strom clouds moved in fast that night so they moved it inside.

The food was amazing. They had lobster, crab legs (for those that like see food...yuck) and yummy steak and anything else you wanted. The nice thing was all the food for the whole trip was already payed for!

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Jason and I on a "Sailing and Shelling" Boat ride. It was a two hour boat ride on the ocean. We saw a ton of dolphins right by our boat which was really cool. We also saw some multimillion dollar homes that are only used 10% of the time. One of the homes we saw was Shania Twains.

This is a picture of some of the sea shells we collected on the boat ride. We stopped at a small island with tons and tons of shells.

Jason and Brandon all dressed up for the formal dinner.

Walking down the beach by our hotel.Posted by Picasa


This sunset picture was taken while eating dinner by the beach one night.

Brandon, Jason and Stephaine getting ready for the jet ski tour.

Haley didn't get to come on this trip. We missed her like crazy. I kind of wished we would have taken her because she would have loved it!!!

Hopefully you can tell my feet are way swollen and red!!! The first day we went for about a two mile walk on the beach. Well Jason, Brandon and I forgot to put sunscreen on our feet. (Stephanie was the only smart one. ) Anyway my feet got so painfully bured that they were swollen the rest of the time. Lesson learned...always put sunscreen on your feet too! And never get sunburned on the first day of your vacation! Thanks Jason and Brandon for your hard work last year. I had a great time!!!Posted by Picasa