Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lake Powell

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guess Who??

Guess who? That’s right it’s Jason. Isn’t he a hot!! Any one who knows Jason knows he loves this hat that has hair connected to it. He brings this lovely hat out around this time of year, every year.
This picture was taken last Friday in Wal-Mart parking lot. (I know what you are thinking, he blends right in, right?!) We met up with Scott and Miriam and Kim and Russ to head to Lake Powell! The funny part about it was as Jason was helping load stuff into the boat, my sister Kim and bro-in-law Russ had no idea that it was Jason!! We had a good laugh.

Jason is wondering, does he look better with the hair tucked behind his ears…

……or un tucked?

Stay tuned for some fun Powell pictures…the best place on earth!!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Haley started dance last week and
she loves it!!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009


While we were fun doing this at Lagoon...

Jason was home because of this!!

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Haley's first day of school!

This week Haley started Kindergarten. I had to work half day so my parents watched the girls for me while I was at work. Haley picked out her outfit and told me how she wanted me to do her hair.
Once I was done with work I rushed home to do her hair and then take her to school. It was a moment I won’t forget. I walked her to her class room. I told her to hang up her backpack. I gave her a hug and walked out. I watched her thru the window of the door. She just stood there and looked around, like she was lost. Not knowing what to do. Just then Jason showed up and we continued watching her thru the window. Jason popped his head in. Haley said whispered, “I don’t know what to do Dad.” Just then the teacher told all the kids to sit on the carpet. So Jason said, “Go sit down on the carpet.” So, she did. I felt bad because I was running late because of work so she was the last one to get there. All the kids were sitting playing with play-doe. (I guess that is what they do before school starts.) Anyway, I got a little teary eyed as I looked thru that window. I had a mix of emotions at that moment. I just wanted to hold her hand thru this new experience but, I couldn’t. She is a growing up and I need to let her figure things out on her own. It was weird seeing her, my little girl, starting school. She is my little friend that I play with during the day and that has changed a little now that she is gone half the day.
I got home and my mom asked, “So how did it go?” I started telling her and I lost it! I started to cry and then she started to cry. My Dad looked at Jason and said, “Sorry Jason, she gets that from her mother!” And we laughed. I was holding Brynlee. I put her down on the ground. She stood there by herself and then she took a few steps all on her own! These were Brynlee's first steps!! My girls are growing up! Monday was definatly a day to remember!!
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