Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life has been BUSY!!

Where to begin! June was a crazy month. We sold and moved out of our house. Jason bought an office building so after we moved out of our house, Jason moved out of his old office and into a new office.
(Some of you have asked where we are moving to. Right now we are living in my parents’ basement apartment while we build a home in Orem by Sleepy Ridge golf course.)
The beginning of July is always crazy with the forth of July festivities. I love Independence Day. I think it is my favorite holiday. They are full of fun traditions and we get to also celebrate Haley’s birthday, which we celebrated this year at classic skating! What would the 4th be like with out
Cloward family sleepover
Haley’s birthday
Getting up early to see the hot air balloons go up.
Stadium of Fire
Freedom Run
Family BBQ’s
Art’s Festival
Being exhausted and trying to catch up on lost sleep.

I was a little lazy this year and didn’t take very many pictures.
Hopefully things will settle down a little now and I can get back at updating my blog a little more. :)