Saturday, July 11, 2009

The 4th I wouldn't mind forgetting...

The night of the 3rd we always sleep at my parent’s house with my whole family. This is a fun tradition everyone always looks forward to. Since it was Haley’s birthday that day, she wanted to bring a “Hello Kitty” piƱata. The little kids loved it. We also did fireworks of course, ate lots of junk, watched “Goonies” outside on the projector and Jason took the older boys for a late night run to Del Taco.
The next morning some of us ran the 5k race, came back had a little breakfast and then off to the parade. At the parade I started filling sick. Let’s just say the rest of the 4th was no fun. I had food poisoning!! I spent the holiday in bed. Jason was stuck watching the girls and taking care of me, while everyone else was out having fun. The 3rd of July was a blast but the 4th of July this year was...well lets just say I wouldn't mind forgetting.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Haley!!

So Haley was lucky enough to be born the day before the 4th of July. It is a party all day long for her. She is loved by so many people. The day started with breakfast in bed. Then she wanted to go bowling at Fat Cats with some of her cousins. Then my parents come over to see her. Then we went to Karen and Ross’s for cake and ice cream. Ryan and Jess and their family were in town, as well as Tara and Gary. When Haley was finished opening presents Tara and Gary announced they are pregos!!  (Check there blog for more details.) Once we were done at the Salmon’s it was off to the ward B.B.Q that Jason’s mom is in charge of. After that we headed down to my parents for the annual family Cloward sleepover in my parents backyard. (pictures of that on the next post.)
Things I love about Haley:
Were do I start….
She is a great help with Brynlee
Doesn’t ever want to disappoint her parents
Gets along with anyone
Very Mature for her age
Loves being a girl
She is beautiful
Hates finding strands of hair
Loves salt and vinegar chips
Her smile
Loves life

I could go on and on. Those of you who know and love Haley know that we are very lucky to have her as our daughter.
Happy Birthday!
We love you Haley!!!