Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Birthday weekend...

Last weekend was my birthday. We had planned to go
out to dinner and a movie but instead we stayed home
all weekend because Brynlee got pneumonia. After having
a temp. of 102 for two days, she wasn't eating, was sleeping
a lot (except at night cause she would cough so much it would
wake her up) I took her to the Dr. he said her oxygen was really low
and that she needed to have a breathing treatment done.
So after the breathing treatment her oxygen went up
a little, but not enough. So he sent us over to the hospital
for a chest x-ray and told us she might need to be hospitalized.
Luckily the pneumonia wasn't as bad as he thought so we were
able to go home. Watching Bryn be so sick made me grateful for
a healthy family!!!

Haley and Brynlee cuddled up in bed. Aren't they

This is Brynlee doing her inhaler. She thought
this was so funny.

Thank heavens for antibiotics but why do they
have to taste so nasty! It was a fight everyday to
get Bryn to take her medicine. It took Jason and
I to hold her down and pray that she wouldn't
throw it right back up!

Jason read Bryn a book and she fell asleep in
the middle of it. She never does that.
Jason and I celebrated my birthday the next week
instead. I am just glad we didn't have to celebrate it
in the hospital.
I am so eady for Spring!!! I sware my kids have been
sick a lot this winter. Right before Bryn had pneumonia
Haley had the stomach flu then a few days latter she got
croup then Bryn was getting over a cold which then turned
into croup and then to pneumonia! But now we are all healthy
and happy!