Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garlick Salmon Wedding :)

Jason’s little brother Dallin finally “tied the knot” last week to Shellee Garlick after dating for 2 ½ years. Yes, it was time! And we are so happy to have Shellee officially in the family now. It was also fun to have the whole family in town. Congratulations Dallin and Shellee!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Hanging There!!

(Now you probably can't tell that Haley lost her
tooth in this picture because the tooth behind
it is already half way through!)

Haley finally lost her first tooth!! It was hanging by a thread and she wouldn’t let me touch it. So, being the sneaky mom that I am I took her down to my Dad’s house. When we got there I took my Dad aside and told him he needed to pull her tooth for me. He said he would if he got the chance. About a half hour later I told Haley to go wiggle her tooth for Grandpa in his den. Let’s just say Grandpa got the job done. She even got paid to let Grandpa Sherm pull her tooth.
I think one of the main reasons she didn’t want to lose her tooth is because she is a little afraid of the tooth fairy coming!!! So I told her we could put the tooth under a pillow out in the family room. Now I don’t know about you but when I was little and lost a tooth the tooth fairy took the tooth and left some money. When Jason lost a tooth he got money and “fairy dust.” Now to me this sounds messy. But Jason insisted on doing a trail of glitter from the door to where the tooth was on the couch. So we did and Haley thought this was great when she woke up EARLY the next morning.
It is a sad day when kids lose their first tooth because they just keep losing them and they don’t have that cute little smile anymore. I mean their smiles are still cute but they go through a weird stage for years until they get their braces off. Oh well, at least all the rest of the kids are going thru the same things at the same time.